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18 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
Zenit are running almost uninterruptedly along the distance of the Russian Championship, but at the same time they concede goals in almost every match. And in every match they alternate excellent stretches with very unstable playing. Therefore, being (of course) the favorites in the match against Bruges, the Petersburgers can hardly claim that their victory is a settled matter. Club Brugge is experienced, able to move the game to the opponent's net from time to time. Zenit don't like that. But they have to win: if not against Bruges, then against whom?

«Zenit to win and both to score» for 3.3
«Brugge H (+1)» for 1.7
With a couple of big wins (the last one is already 4-0), the Parisians sometimes win 1-0, and sometimes they don't win at all. Plus, Paris have a lot of leading players, who miss matches due to injuries and illnesses. I think this fact increases the chances of the Mancunians (not to equality, but quite good). I'm not expecting any goal fest. 1-0, 2-0 or 1-1 - these are, in my opinion, the most likely results. I would gladly bet on “guest's H(+1)”, If they pay well. And they pay well.

«Manchester United H (+1)» for 1.84
«Total under 3» for 1.9
Rennes are still not quite mid-table players. And they have a lot of experience in participating in European competitions: they had a chance to cope with such giants as Arsenal. In general, French clubs are rather unpleasant for "heel players". In the last Champions League, the best confirmation of this might be how Lyon dealt with City. Krasnodar need to remember this and not look for trouble too zealous. And yet it seems to me that the betting line is twisted towards the hosts. I think to take advantage of this and bet on Krasnodar H (+1). Even if they don't pay very much.

«Krasnodar H (+1)» for 1.58
«Total under 2.5» for 1.92
Salzburg, who caught up with PSG and Liverpool a year ago, have lost some of their top players: Haaland, Minamino... In Austria, of course, the players from Salzburg rule. But let me remind you that even Maccabi scored against Salzburg both at home and away. Lokomotiv know how to carry out counterattacks. Therefore, I think that it will not be so easy for Salzburg. Although, of course, they are favorites.

«Both to score» for 1.71
«Locomotive H (+1)» for 1.94
The big question is whether Bavaria will concede a goal or not. It’s a shame to doubt that Munich are favorites after their extravaganza in the Champions League. And the first round does not decide anything. They can still fix it. Therefore, I think that it is not worthwhile for Madrid to close, and they will score their goal (at least one). But Bayern will not allow them to close tightly. Therefore, “both to score” seems to me a very likely outcome. Well, and the victory of Bayern, of course.

«Bayern Individual Total over 1.5» for 1.58
«Both to score» for 1.74
CSKA played a wonderful match three days ago (maybe the best so far this season) against Dynamo. And they remember their last year's failure in the Europa League. Therefore, although the opponent is not easy, I will allow myself to assess the chances of CSKA rather optimistically. In any case, the Muscovites shouldn't lose. Should we bet on their clear victory depends on the betting line. The odds are not very high. But it's still better to be on the safe side.

«CSKA Moscow H (0)» for 1.56
«Both to score» for 1.64
15 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
17.10.2020 17:30:00
Score: 2:2 (1:1)
Although Merseyside derbies sometimes bring a lot of goals, often (as in the year before last, for example), can round out with zeros on the scoreboard. Both “The Reds” and “The Blues” cannot please us with a stable game: by scoring a lot, the teams concede (both) in almost every match. Therefore, "both to score" (or just “over”) seems to me a very likely bet. I will still give preference to Liverpool. Although this is a preference "in general", and not by recent matches.

«Liverpool to win for 1,88»
«X in the 1st Half for 2,51»
17.10.2020 22:30:00
Score: 1:0 (1:0)
If I was asked, “who in England is playing the best right here and now,” I would answer immediately: “Arsenal”. They play without rushing the whole team to the opponent's net, organized, with adjusted pass game and they concede a little. Arteta is a great fellow. And although the City seems to be synonymous with the beauty of the game and major victories, I would refrain from predicting this victory for them. They concede a lot. There are many sick and injured players. And they have a readable style – it is terrible for an opponent when City are good. But City are not good now.

«Arsenal Individual Total over 1 for 2.08»
«Double chances: X2 for 2,85»
17.10.2020 19:00:00
Score: 4:1 (4:0)
There is no doubt (at least for me) that Bergamo will attack a lot. And Napoli, who added great in attack, will remember the first weeks of Gattuso - and will be closed, responding with counterattacks. Who will succeed? I think that it will be enough for Atalanta to score 5-6 per game. I think that we are unlikely to see more than 3 total goals. Most likely both will score, but hardly a lot. 1-1 or 2-1 (it is not clear in which direction) - this, it seems to me, is such a disposition. And 2-3 goals in a match. That's what I think. By the way, the (almost complete) equality of the betting lines – it is, where I completely agree with the bookmakers. And they pay magically for a draw. I will take risks.

«2-3 goals in a match for 2.13»
«Draw for 3.89»
17.10.2020 22:00:00
Score: 1:2 (1:2)
The Milan derby may well bring 5 goals or maybe just one. It seems to me that the more successful the match is, the higher Inter's chances are. But Milan know this too. Therefore, I think they will try to play reliably, without hits exchanging - same, I think, Napoli in the game against Atalanta. Chances? Inter, I think, have a little higher chances. But even higher, it seems to me, is the probability of a draw. Especially in the first half.

«Inter H (0) for 1,71»
«X in the 1st Half for 2,31»
17.10.2020 17:00:00
Score: 3:1 (2:0)
It is clear that Zenit, in theory, should win. But more often than not, in the matches between these teams, Sochi managed to achieve (albeit temporarily) a result, to score, and put into question the outcome of the meeting for some time. Why shouldn't it happen again? Zenit's victory with goals in both directions - for more than three. And just “Sochi to score” - for 1.85. Perhaps this is more reliable. And a simple “over”, in a match between teams, each of which scores in almost every match - also looks very good, you see.

«Zenit Individual Total over 1.5 for 1,58»
«Sochi to score for 1,85»
12 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
14.10.2020 06:00:00
Score: 2:4 (1:1)
The crushing victory of the Brazilians over Bolivia should not convince that now Brazil will continue to smash one rival after another. Bolivia are just weak. It will (should be) different with the Peruvians. They had to resist against the Uruguayans and lost only in the end - not by the game as a whole, just unlucky. Another thing is that Peru do not play in defense, they boldly go to the attack. And that makes Peruvians comfortable for Brazilians. Structurally. Maybe Brazil will catch them, maybe even more than once. But to consider Peruvians weaklings -it is without me. Personally, I am looking forward to a stubborn fight, similar to the game between the Argentines and the Ecuadorians. But Brazil, of course, must win.

«Brazil H (-1) for 1.79»
«Total over 2.5 for 1,77»
14.10.2020 00:45:00
Score: 1:0 (0:0)
Probably Spain are more masterful, but Ukraine are more militant. If the Swiss made a strong stand against Spain, then the Ukrainians, I am sure, will not do this. Therefore, the favorites will have to come up with something. They actually can. And I find it very tempting to bet on Spain over 1.5 or over 2 without taking away from the Ukrainians the right to return a goal - or even two.

«Total under 3.5 for 1,65»
«Spain Individual Total over 2 for 1,67»
15.10.2020 00:45:00
Score: 1:2 (0:1)
In the last two meetings of the teams there were six goals each! It is quite logical to expect high performance here as well. Especially taking the zero result of the world champions a few days ago against the Portuguese. Next we have to make the choice. Should we take the "over and both to score" together or separately? Perhaps it's better separately. They pay great. And a certain variability still appears. I see no point in playing someone's victory: the French against the Portuguese had a draw and the Swedes against the Croats also - and the minutes were separated, and the match, in fact, was smooth.

«Total over 2.5 for 2.1»
«Both to score for 1.88»
Let's wait for the day of the start of the match and, no doubt, bet on the corners. As they say, set in stone! One problem is that you can't bet on it in advance. Therefore, we have to make stuff up. Probably, both of them will score: the Swedes are very good in attack now. And the Portuguese are always good. Now we have to look at the betting line.

«Sweden to score for 1,82»
«2-3 goals in a match for 1,85»
15.10.2020 00:45:00
Score: 0:0 (0:0)
It seems that the Hungarians are not very active now. But they play for feast for the eyes. And I do not think that the Russian team will be much easier than with the Turks (and it was not easy there either, they fell obviously off in the end). The favorites, of course, remain the Russians. But you have to be careful. “What are the Hungarians? I don’t know anything about them ”- it doesn’t work.

«Both to score for 2.04»
«Hungary H (+1) for 1,71»
09 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
Joachim Löw, unlike the Bayern coach (and this is the base club of the national team), continues to rotate the line-up. Therefore, the game is abrupt: from 1-1 to recently 3-3 against the Turks. And that's why they concede a lot. Ukrainians look more organized. Although, of course, they are inferior to the opponent in performance skills. It can be different here. From "1X" to a major victory for the Germans. The match is difficult. You need to enter it without fear of losing the bet. In my opinion, so.

«Ukraine H (+1.5) for 2.04»
«Total over 2.5 for 1.69»
This is a very interesting match. It is not even clear who should be the favorite. At the last World Cup, their fight brought excessive (almost with no moments and only one goal) “under”. But a lot of time has gone by since then. And still it is not clear. My sympathies are with the Belgians. But that says little. Belgium's last match (against Cote d'Ivoire) failed - by line-up and by result (draw). Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that the best midfielders of the Belgians practically do not get round the injuries. Should Lukaku be taking the rap for everyone? He needs a pass ... that's why we look at the betting line. We understand that the “over” is not at all necessary here. Maximum three goals. Let us be a little on the side of the British: not out of sympathy, but because they now have a longer bench. And don't play this match big – it is risky.

«2-3 goals in a match for 1.85»
«England H (0) for 1.97»
it is also unclear how good the Portuguese are at home, as well as how good they are away - especially against the world champions to whom the Portuguese have a four-year claim (since the Euro-final). I think the match runs the risk of being similar to the final one – not by the winner, but by “over-under”. And the more productive half, for me, should be the second. In the first one, I think they might not score.

«Total under 2.5 for 1.65»
«Total of the second half is over than the first for 2.11»
12.10.2020 00:45:00
Score: 1:1 (1:0)
The Turks, of course, gave everybody the shakes, catching up with the Germans three times. Moreover, the last time almost without having time for this. At the same time, they played insolently, without giving the opponent a game advantage. But it was Germany vs Turkey - Super Derby. Do Turks always succeed in such games? No, right? Ask Cherchesov, he will answer. Therefore, I am for the Russian national team. Not as fierce as in betting line, of course, but I am for my country. And not only because they are from Russia. They against the Swedes from 0-2 in the last three minutes almost won. So they can.

«Total over 2 for 1.84»
«Russia to win for 2.22»
Kazakhstan is playing better than collecting points. For Albanians, such rivals are usually very convenient. Therefore, in spite of the approximate equality of forces, I will give some preference to the Albanians. They are more experienced. And they need to insist on the advantage from the first minutes less than the hosts. This is approximately how the Belarusian team played with the Kazakhs. And the Albanians are stronger than the Belarusians.

«Both to score: no for 1.69»
«Albania H (0) for 1.68»
06 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
Norwegians, for me, are not big, but still favorites. I think there is a great chance that they will simply fill up the Serbian penalty area with flanks and corner kicks. I think that teams will jointly score 2-3 goals - more likely 2. And at the same time, as it often happens in this tournament, goals will be after the break. In the first half, I don't rule out a goalless draw.

«Total of the second half is over than the firs for 2.1»
«2-3 goals in a match for 1.84»
The Belarusians won the last match over the Kazakhs. As a matter of fact, having played the whole match fighting off. And they punished the hosts for gross mistakes at the beginning and end of the match. To the credit of the Belarusians, they defended themselves bravely and competently. I think there will be a similar story here. The hosts-Georgians will attack and guests will defend themselves. If the Georgian national team manages to score quickly, then the matter may end with a 2-3 goal victory. But I don't think the likelihood is high.

«Georgia to win exactly in one goa for 3.4»
«Total under 2 for 1.87»
Of course, the majority will bet on the Argentines. But let's not forget how Argentina got to the last World Cup. It is with Ecuador and through the solo efforts of Messi. So I would not rush to bet on a big negative handicap. Ecuadorians are quite capable of fighting without any handicap. And with a handicap (good, by the way), I generally take Ecuador without thinking too much. As if almost without thinking, I take “over”. Well, maybe after spending a couple of minutes choosing “just over” or “both to score”.

«Total over 2.5 for 1,79»
«Ecuador H (+1.5) for 1,8»
Here, I think, the Brazilians will report their superiority quickly and convincingly. It is no coincidence that odds for the goals of the Brazilians in both halves are slightly higher than 1.6 – very small, in general. And here I am, a fool, I still want to take it. As well as the victory of Brazil in 2 goals. Of course, unhurried Bolivia can resist. But still, it seems to me, no more than half an hour.

«Brazil to score in both halves: yes for 1.62»
«Brazil H (-2) for 1.7»
I don't think our chances of winning are much higher than those of the Swedes - rather closer to equality. And I think we should take a draw or Sweden with zero. It is clear, the match is friendly. Well, even more so, there is reason to expect a spectacular game. But that there will be a large number of goals - is far from a fact.

«2-3 goals in a match for 1.84»
«Draw for 3.15»
02 / 10.20
Juriy Rozanov
Tottenham's big win in European competition means little. They won't be able to score seven goals for sure. Here it is somewhere close to a draw: the strength is approximately equal, and the confidence too. Let's try this. Well, if a tie does not work, we will try "2-3 goals" or "both will score". Both outcomes look quite good. I am a little concerned about the strong skewing of the betting line towards the owners. Well, that's why they pay more for a draw than 3.7.

«Х» for 3.78
«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.71
05.10.2020 01:00:00
Score: 1:1 (1:1)
Sevilla is fighting everyone. They won the Europa League, and almost took the Super Cup. Therefore, "(1) handicap" seems to me as a good option. Moreover, by scoring three, Barca still doesn't create scoring opportunities for three goals. So this time I will try to pick the underdog. Safeguarding with three or more goals: the contribution to play an efficient match is mutual.

«H2(1)» for 1.85
«Total (3) over» for 1.87
04.10.2020 19:00:00
Score: 1:1 (0:1)
It also looks like a draw. Only here I won't pick a draw in the match. I would prefer to pick the first half result. Total "over/under" is a question. 4-5 are unlikely to score. Zero is also unlikely to happen. You can try to pick goals by Lukaku and/or Immobile. However, this needs to be done closer to the match. In the meantime, I'll limit myself to my favourite 2-3 goals per game.

«2-3 goals» for 2.02
«Draw at 1st half» for 2.46
05.10.2020 00:45:00
match is canceled
Napoli is more open and scores more than at the end of last season. However, with Juve the southerners, I think, will have to spend a lot of time in defence. And I cannot give a guarantee that they will withstand: let Gattuso promise it if you wish. So for me, Juve is my favourite. Although, of course, not by three goals. Closer to the match, I will probably get myself together and pick a goal by Cristiano. He is in great shape and he scores in every game even more than once.

«1» for 1.95
«Juventus (1.5) over» for 2
03.10.2020 22:00:00
Score: 1:1 (0:0)
Zenith cannot brag about being both bright and organized at the same time. Yes, it happens, but not every time. Therefore, it seems to me that Spartak is unlikely to lose. You have to try with zero. Moreover, the odds are so high that you can go crazy. With a zero odds are higher than 2.5. I pick it without thinking. And it also seems to me that neither one nor the other will save their goal. However, no one will pay any 2.5 for this. Well, okay. They still pay decently.

«Both teams to score: yes» for 1.75
«Spartak Moscow (0)» for 2.45
29 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
In recent games, opponents have nothing to be proud of Dortmund lost without fighting back. Bayern, as the classics wrote, "being hit by the train". And it's not just that Hoffenheim played his best match in 10 years. It's also that Bayern was lagging behind itself. Were they tired? Maybe. Had they had a reason? Of course, the coaches see it all. Therefore, I do not exclude that the teams will be insured. And we will see something like last season's match with Kimmich's miracle goal. In other words, for me, it will be an inefficient match. Well, the betting line proofs it. I'd be in a hurry. After Hoffenheim, no one will give the opponent of Bayern a handicap more than two.

«H1(+1)» for 2.06
«Tot(3.5) U» for 1.96
Less than a week ago, I predicted a Belgian victory. I was wrong. I am not even taking into account the final score. The fact is that I have never seen such slow Belgians. How are they going to score at least a pair of goals away (one is not enough)? I do not know. Well, maybe some crazy one will fly in. And then standards and, possibly, chances. However, now it looks odd. I think Lucescu will try to block all approaches to his goal. Based on the score of the first match, the chances that it will work out are very high.

«Tot(2.5) U» for 1.99
«2-3 goals» for 1.97
It would seem that the first match in no way makes Krasnodar a favourite, despite the late winning goal. However, a victory is a victory. Krasnodar doesn't care too much: does it play at home or away? There will be goals in this match. However, something tells me that if Krasnodar can not keep in mind the score of the first match every minute, they will score. They've got every tool for it. Well, they will also miss. And this is already very close to the total "over".

«Tot(2.5) over» for 1.91
«Krasnodar (1) over» for 1.86

02.10.2020 00:45:00
Score: 0:0 (0:0)
When two teams (and not easy ones) play a couple of matches for several days, so to speak, in doublet, there is always a great temptation to change something. However, in the Premier League match, everything was so logical that I don't want to be original. Liverpool's victory was in doubt for a few minutes. Let it stay there. As well as the total (3) "over" and "both teams will score". In other words, just take and rearrange what you have already set. Plus or minus a goal back and forth, things didn't change on Monday. And it seems that everything will remain so. Small changes in the betting line can be explained by the cup character of the game. And so - we will go along the beaten track.

«1» for 2.03
«Tot(2.5) O» for 1.64
I understand that Tottenham is very offended to lead the whole match and miss from the penalty spot in the fifth added minute. In the same way, I can understand the pride of the Chelsea fans, whose favourites fought back from 0:3. And also in added time. I don't understand the other thing: why is Chelsea such a favourite? Who is Tottenham's coach? Are the boys playing there? No. So I think not. And if they give such odds ten times, I will pick it ten times. Even if I lose ten times. Its just that it's criminal not to pick a "plus" handicap along such a line.

« 2-3 goals for 2,06»
« 1Х for 1.77»
24 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
Judging by how weak Leicester looked in the cup match against Arsenal, we can assume that with the City it can look even paler. I believe that the City will score at least 3 goals, as usual. There was just one exception with the Lion. But this time the handicap (-1) will definitely play. Bet on handicap (2) doesn’t make any sense, as it won’t be paid fairly. Therefore, why should we risk?

«Goals in both halves: yes for 1,74»
« Handicap: Manchester City (-1) 1.78»
29.09.2020 01:00:00
Score: 3:1 (2:1)
Arsenal plays competently. The team hasn’t played as good for ages and now - here you go! Of course, Liverpool is strong and I don’t even doubt that they will push Arsenal. I’m pretty sure there will be a minimum of 10 corners. However, I would also bet on total over and both teams to score. Also, I don’t want to bet on the victory of Liverpool. No, I’m pretty sure that they will win, moreover it is the time for Arsenal to lose. Personally, I will support both teams.

«Total (3) over for 1,82»
«Both teams to score: yes for 1,69»
28.09.2020 01:00:00
Score: 4:0 (4:0)
What is Barcelona like? Ronald Koeman doesn’t give us any answers. The team can score 4 goals or can just hang around for 80 minutes without any attacks. The betting line is teasing to bet on Barcelona to win to nil. However, I want to remind you that Vill was never afraid of Barcelona and almost always scores at least one goal.

«Both teams to score: yes for 1,64»
«Total (3) over for 1.77»
28.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 2:2 (2:1)
In the first match, Juventus was great. While Roma against Verona wasn’t confident at all. Juve can easily win matches like that but without big margins. However, better to secure our bet, as the season has just started.

«Full time result: Juventus for 2.05»
«Handicap: Juventus (0) for 1.51»
27.09.2020 22:00:00
Score: 0:1 (0:1)
A lot will be depended on the Militarians. Lokomotiv has great counterattacks, but CSKA’s team hasn’t missed goals for a long time. I don’t agree, that Loko is the favourite here, but it will definitely score. I think this match will look a lot like the last derby between CSKA and Spartak. I believe that CSKA has more creativity, while Loko is calmer. Chances of both teams are equal, while the bookmakers give advantage to the Militarians. I don’t agree with that.

«Full time result: Lokomotiv for»
«Handicap: Lokomotiv (0)” for 2.43»
21 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
25.09.2020 01:00:00
Score: 1:1 (1:1)
I won't lie, it's scary to play against Bayern. Especially after the Munich team in the Bundesliga scored once again eight goals to Schalke. Thus, I will not be afraid to pick the (-1.5) handicap. However, in terms of likelihood, I cannot exclude at least one goal scored by the underdog, even though it pays a little.

«Both teams to score: yes for 1.59»
«H1(-1.5) for 1.92»
Against Benfica, the Greeks showed organized, I would even say "smooth" football. They deserved to qualify against the Portuguese grandee. No matter how cheerful Krasnodar is, no matter how easily they scored in the last round, I am very far from considering the Russians as favourites. Moreover, the betting line will push for this. I think a certain restraint will be typical for both teams' play. I guess that there will be a draw, at least in the first half. There will be two matches. Therefore, I will make a certain courtesy to the hosts but without fanaticism.

«1 for 2.02»
«Both teams to score: yes 1.9»
Both teams won the last round with the same score. Even though I placed a bet on Kyiv (and guessed it well), I must say that Kyiv did not deserve victory in the game. However, with the Belgians, on the contrary. I didn't guess the result. I liked the game. I think that the Kyivan will have to shoot the ball out a lot and often. The pressure of the Belgians will not be easy to withstand. I'm not sure Dynamo can handle it.

«Gent (0) for 1.8»
«1 for 2.57»
24.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 0:2 (0:0)
I'm pretty sure you won't be bored. We will see goals from both teams. Should we give preference to someone? Be my guest. Do you know what I want to offer? A couple of goals before the break. I understand that it is a gamble, but I want to pick goals by both teams. Well, if it seems too much for someone, they will go for a couple of goals. With Arsenal, this happens a lot (including the last West Ham derby).

«Both teams to score: yes for 1.72»
«Total at 1st half (1.5) over for 2.86»
25.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 2:1 (1:1)
I think we'll see enough goals. Will City score them all? Or will the opponent do his bit? Maybe not even so small, why to think about it? Looks like a classic match with total "over". Let's watch it this way, hoping that they have scored. However, that's not all. I don't know about you, but Pep taught me this.

«Total (3) over for 1.67»
«Both halves total over 1.5: yes for 3.35»
17 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
20.09.2020 21:30:00
Score: 0:2 (0:0)
I don't really know how to evaluate Liverpool. On the one hand, they serve 15 and score 4. On the other hand, I personally do not observe any integrity in their actions. I think that Chelsea are more stable now. Does it mean that that you have to bet on “The Blues”? Why not? Did they never defeat Liverpool?

«Chelsea H (0) for 2.33»
«Double chances: 1X for 1.72»
It is troublesome to bet on the “over” in such a match. City, of course, can score three or more. But I'm afraid - not now. The excellent organization of the ”Wolves” team playing, the ability don’t show off how clever they are - all this suggests that "more likely 2-0 than 4". And since we can bet on 3 for "about 2", then it should be the “under”. And by the way, I'm not at all sure that City will win.

«Total under 3 for 1.75»
«Wolverhampton H (+1) for 1.97»
21.09.2020 01:00:00
Score: 0:0 (0:0)
I don't think that Madrid will start enchanting from the first rounds. There is a structure, one might even say, a philosophy, thanks to which Real managed to lose almost nothing at the finish and often winning with a bland 1-0 score (by the way, it was so against Sociedad), they reached first place. Let it be "with pain and misery”. But who cares now? The times when rivals boldly went into exchange, and came up with scores like 3-4 or 5-2, are also gone. The last amusing victory for the Basques was the Cup. But I think here will be something like 2-0 or even 1-0.

«Real Madrid to win for 1.76»
«Total under 3 for 1.67»
21.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 3:0 (1:0)
In recent weeks, exhibition matches between teams of different divisions are in trend in Italy. So that's it: Juventus score a lot. But they also concede almost constantly. And Sampdoria, by the way, too. In this series of matches, scores like 4-2 are common for the Genoese. Sampdoria's attack is very good: I will try goals in both directions. Well, and then let's look at the betting line.

«Both to score for 1.95»
«Sampdoria H (+2) for 1.62»
20.09.2020 19:30:00
Score: 0:2 (0:2)
Here the main question is: Rubin, having a series of dribblers, will go to the attack, right? Or not? The betting line is definitely for Moscow. And I didn't really succeed (and who needs it) to have a full-fledged point between the opponents in the "handicap" section. Straight amazing. And of course, brothers, I disagree here. Let them pay little. But! The difference is great. I'm playing for Rubin. They are no worse in the game. And here....

«Double chances: 1X for 1.66»
«Total under 2.5 for 1.64»
14 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
Dutch clubs (and the national team) are clearly not in the best condition right now. Therefore, I will allow myself to consider Kyiv as favorites. An excellent match for the Super Cup and a confident victory over Shakhtar allow us to close our eyes to the difficulty of scoring by Kyiv in the following matches (even 0-0 happened).

«Dynamo Kyiv H (0)» for 1.59
«Dynamo Kyiv to win» for 2.21
I think the Greeks are favorites. Benfica rarely score more than 2 at home and sometimes even lose. Lisbon, of course, are able to score, but they will almost certainly concede. At the same time, I think, more than once. The high European Cup overall rating of the eminent club should ease the betting line. Therefore, we have to bet on PAOK without much trepidation. Moreover, the betting line is royal. I disagree with this.

«PAOK H (0)» for 3.34
«PAOK Individual Total over 1»for 2.39
It's difficult here. The teams have roughly the same experience and success in tournaments in their countries as well as roughly equal line-ups. Here we have to look at the betting line. And I'm not at all convinced that this is the “over” - on the contrary - where they pay better, go there.

«Double chances: X2» for 1.96
«Total under 3» for 1.63
I think the players of the Israeli club will put squeeze on the stubborn (this is a compliment) Belarusians. In my understanding, the hosts should score at least two goals. And what will happen in defence (and maybe anything) will still not prevent them from winning. Although they pay little.

«Maccabi Tel Aviv to win» for 1.65
«Maccabi Tel Aviv Individual Total over 1.5» for 1.78

Moscow are undoubtedly favourites here. The only thing I would recommend to remember: Dynamo are organized and logical, but score no much. Therefore, I would not rule out a minimal victory for Dynamo. Here's something like 1-0. Possibly (probably) – whitewash. And it is certainly more likely that this is rather the “under” than the “over”. Do not bet on defeat: H(-1) is enough.

«Dynamo Moscow H (-1)» for 1.71
«Both to score: no» for 1.73

09 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
12.09.2020 22:30:00
Score: 4:3 (3:2)
Liverpool are not playing stable yet, conceding 2 goals at once, few goal opportunities. But there are corners: recently 7 in half an hour. I would have expected a show: Bielsa will play the way he used to. I think that “both to score” is the key bet. You can try 3 and even 3.5 over. In my opinion, so. Leeds have not been in the Premier League for a long time. And here there will be a war of red and white roses at once. It will be interesting.

«Total over 3 for 1.81»
«Both to score for 1.94»
13.09.2020 21:30:00
Score: 0:1 (0:0)
Tottenham looked very decent in warm-up meetings. The first halves were especially successful (sometimes was scored 3). Well, 3 is probably too much. But I have practically no doubt that ”Spurs” will score before the break. The fact of a future victory is also in a small question. But still, still ... Everton are very fighting. And if they don't let their opponent go far away, they can grab onto after the break.

«Tottenham Individual Total of the first half over 1 for 3.65»
«Total over 2.5 for 1.97»
This is a big match, where, as a rule, the Parisians manage to pull ahead by a couple or even three goals. But here's the thing: when the score is 0-2 or even 0-3, the Marseilles manage to score. And this is almost constant. I see no reason to change my approach to this match. Both to score - this is the main bet. Well, we will see the betting line. Nevertheless, the Parisians, in my opinion, are still on their way to their best game.

«Total over 2.5 and both to score for 1.64»
«Total over 3 for 1.61»
13.09.2020 22:00:00
Score: 3:1 (2:1)
Spartak are leaders here. But they win no more than one ball. Should we give them another minimal win? Isn't it enough? I'm closer to a draw, you know. Moreover, I am equally close to a draw as such and in the first half too. And to be completely honest, these guys haven't played in a draw for a long time.

«Draw in the 1st Half for 2.14»
«Draw for 3.27»
14.09.2020 23:30:00
Score: 0:0 (0:0)
Frankly speaking, the bookmakers consider Rostov as too big favorites. The difference of 0.35 when playing with zeros seems too big to me. It is clear that Rostov will be very aggressive. I think that both teams will be able to score. But the difference is still too big for me... I won't think too long: Lokomotiv H(0) for more than 2 seems to me a good bet.

«Lokomotiv H (0) for 2.13»
«Both to score for 1.9»
05 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
The rather strange Friday matches - when the first halves ended without goals - suggest two mutually exclusive facts. The first fact, the story will continue. The second one, there will be goals. I am for the first option. However, I could be wrong. Based on this, I will pick a low total "under" in the first half.

«Total at 1st half (1) under for 1.83»
«2nd half total more than 1st half for 2.05»
I will try the same. The only difference here: I'll think about picking the English for comparison. They can or even must score. Thus I could somehow secure the first half. Let's try? Or will we stick to the chosen betting line?

«Total (3) under for 1.6»
«Total at 2nd half (1.5) over for 1.99»
09.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 4:2 (2:1)
Of course, we will not see any extravaganza "a la World Cup final". On the contrary, let's try to return to the grassroots strategy. Taking into account that here goals can be split equally into halves like 1:1. Of course, this is a risk. However, we immediately agreed: this is a very risky slot. Well, it looks like a match will end in a draw. Only for me, it is better not to be greedy and pick a draw in the 1st half.

«1st half total equal to 2nd half for 3.31»
«Draw at 1st half for 2.26»
06.09.2020 22:00:00
Score: 2:3 (0:2)
This match is different. Even though the Hungarians played against the Turks in a rare for them "uptied" football, I think they will play more openly at home (albeit without spectators). Well, the fact that the Cherchesov team will not hide and "perform the second number" - in this, I think, there is no doubt neither for me nor for each of you.

«Both teams to score: yes for 1.95»
«Russia (1.5) over for 2.28»
By how cleanly Kazakhstan won the away match in the Baltics, it is easy to assume that it should be the favourite in this match too. I personally associate the equality of the odds in the betting line with two factors. Or maybe it's just one fact - the defeat of Astana by the Belarusian club. Also, excellent "physics" were recruited by the Belarusian team. Kazakhstan will hardly play at zero. However, the favourite for me will remain.

«Kazakhstan (0) for 1.87»
«Total (2) over for 2.08»
04 / 09.20
Juriy Rozanov
The main question here is whether the British will want to fight for possession and territory. They can do just fine with guerrilla raids. By the way, I think that it will be so. For the England team the result, I think, is not the most important thing – in 2016 it was, but it was a long time ago. We look at the betting line. I think it is leaning towards the favorite. You can try Icelanders. They will fight.

«Iceland H (+1) for 1.61»
«Total over 2.5 for 1.79»
06.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 0:1 (0:1)
The world champions are seen too much as strong favorites. Well, yes, they are champions. But too much. Moreover, at the World Cup, I would still bet on the Swedes H (+) on such a betting line. How many goals will they score? This is the main question. I'll take 2-3 goals. The match is required to watch, so we will do it. I think that the French will give the opponent a chance. Moreover, they were heavily loaded with the Champions League draw.

«Sweden H (+1) for 1.61»
«2-3 goals in a match for 1.93»
Still, I’m for the Belgians, perhaps. They don't give much reason to blame them for weakness or for giving up. They don't give it at all. And the story of the match against Switzerland won't repeat itself every time? They pay well. So what, are we going to try? With a simple “over”, which is obligatory for Belgium. Somewhere they will get it, I think, by one means or another.

«Total over 2.5 for 1.81»
«Belgium to win for 1.83»
It is unlikely to be boring. The line-ups are strong, the benches are long. They will not play half-heartedly. These heroes had a chance to play 1-0. And (if I'm not mistaken) even 0-0. But it was never boring. Of course, you have to take the corners. It seems to me that there must be a huge number of them. It's even a shame that we have to wait until the match starts.

«Total over 2 for 1.61»
«Both to score for 1.98»
This is a hot Match. Although the Macedonians are probably the favorites, I almost do not admit that they will whitewash. The Armenians will definitely score. Whether to try the banal "both to score" here or look for something sharper like "Armenia to score more than one goal"? Or just "more"? Choice, by the way. And it is not so simple. It certainly took time. And pay attention to the red card before the game. And there will be more yellow cards than leaves on the streets.

«Total over 2 for 1.76»
«Armenia to score for 1.86»
30 / 08.20
Juriy Rozanov
04.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 1:1 (0:0)
It is probably wrong to equate Bayern in the Champions League with the German national team. However, the favorites will be, of course, the Germans, although not unconditional, of course. Be sure to watch the betting line, as in all other matches, however. So the Germans: with zero for 1.76. Well, with these odds let them be favourites.

«Germany H (0) for 1.76»
«Both to score: yes for 1.76»
Here I am, you know, against. I don’t remember that the Dutch were such favourites against the Poles. Probably, I won't bet directly on Poland to win. And this is not because it is impossible. I'm just afraid I won't have the courage, maybe I will later scold myself for not taking it. But even there, there is already room to work.

«Poland Individual Total over 1 for 2.93»
«Poland H (+1) for 1.8»
04.09.2020 00:45:00
Score: 3:1 (0:0)
A small spread in the betting line seems to me very correct. Russian team is more powerful, the Serbian team is a little more pleasant. Just a draw looks good. But I prefer Russia H(0), supporting, albeit poorly paid, but quite likely “under”. Draw - is too risky.

«Russia H (0) for 1.71»
«Total under 2.5 for 1.67»
As far as I notice, in these almost derby matches own field does not give any advantage. I agree with the bookmakers (or they are with me): here the betting line is equal and this is correct. I'll even try to bet on the Czechs - straight outright. Let it be a risk, but, for me, justified. And I will try my favorite 2-3 balls in a match.

«2-3 goals in a match for 1.91»
«Czech Republic to win for 2.77»
And here the Kazakh team seems to me to be more trained, more experienced. It is no coincidence that the betting line is the most equal in all groups. If they don't score to themselves, they may well win. But here there is a possibility of own goal and it is not small. Therefore, away with zero and on an equal footing - it seems to me that it is. Let's try it. Well, the “over 2” seems to be worth trying as well.

«Total over 2 for 2.01»
«Kazakhstan H (0) for 1.91»
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